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Investment solutions

Investment solutions offer numerous opportunities for retaining and augmenting capital funds.

Relying on Societe Generale Group’s experience, we offer the most advanced investment products and services.

Russian securities and bond market

Direct access to the Moscow Stock Exchange

Opportunities to make investments in the russian equity and bond market

The Russian securities market has invariably remained one of the most dynamical sectors of the global stock market. Upon share capitalization at the Moscow Stock Exchange for a total worth of over RUR 22 000 billion, securities of hundreds of issuers are traded in the market.

Among securities traded on the Russian bond market are government debt instruments, municipal bonds and debt securities issued by major corporations. Given a beneficial tax treatment, investments in such instruments may appear attractive in terms of a short-term placement and building a diversified strategic investment portfolio.

Your benefits and opportunities

  • Direct trading at the Moscow Stock Exchange
  • Participation in primary placements of instruments
  • A wide range of types of trading orders, including limit orders
  • Support on the part of Rosbank’s investment experts in portfolio construction
  • Comfortable operational options:
    • Via a personal account manager
    • Directly through a Rosbank’s investment banker
    • Via electronic trading systems
  • Flexible pricing plans with a focus on your investment strategy
  • Personal assistance throughout the entire investment process

Foreign stock markets

Access to major capital markets

Foreign stock market

Access to transacting and trading foreign shares and bonds provides an opportunity to boost return on investment in comparison with traditional solutions.

Your benefits and opportunities

  • Access to major equity markets of industrialized and emerging economies
  • Possibility to purchase a large number of foreign currency bonds, including Eurobonds of major Russian manufacturing companies and financial institutions
  • High liquidity of investments is a possibility to promptly diversify placements indifferent instruments or channel funds into other banking products
  • Support on the part of Rosbank’s investment experts in portfolio construction

Investment funds

Broad range of asset management funds operating in Russia and Europe

Investment funds

Realize all benefits offered by professional asset management in stock markets.

Your benefits and opportunities

  • A wide range of leading Russian and overseas management companies with teams of experienced asset management professionals
    • The Bank cooperates with asset management leaders with a long-standing experience of successive management of private customers’ funds
    • A possibility to select the most efficient strategy in terms of yield and risk
    • Access to foreign currency funds
  • Reliability of investments, a key parameter of secure placement, is secured by high ratings assigned to management companies as well as by strict regulatory requirements
  • Investment transparency is guaranteed by regular public reporting on composition of funds
  • A possibility to promptly buy or sell a product

Insurance products

Endowment and investment programs focused on your private wealth management

Unit-linked life insurance

Numerous advantages of insurance coverage and opportunities of making investments in a wide range of investment strategies.

Your benefits and opportunities

  • Access to deriving a potentially unlimited income from changes in different market assets
  • A guaranty of recovery of 100% of investments based on program outputs, with safe-keeping of assets under any circumstances
  • Tax and legal benefits
  • A wide range of choice of strategies varying from conservative to aggressive:
    • USD and RUB strategies
    • Various classes of assets, i.e. shares, bonds, commodity markets, as well as their mix
  • A possibility to shape a bespoke strategy
  • Structuring of a number of strategies is based on application of a profit sharing ratio over 100%, which contributes to a higher return, while keeping the option of guaranteed recovery of invested capital.
  • Products offered by the leading insurance companies — Societe Generale Life Insurance, Ingosstrakh, Sberbank Strakhovaniye.

Custody service

Securities custody service offered by the leader of Russia’s insurance sector

Custody service

Rosbank Depository, a unit in charge of safe-keeping of your securities, is one of the largest depository institutions in Russia distinguished by high reliability, and since 2010 recognized as the best local custodian and provider of depository services on the Russian securities market (according to Global Investor).


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